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    Inicio > Historias > Technobabble and Mr. Joe Public

    Technobabble and Mr. Joe Public

    Looks like in general, Mr. Joe & Jane Public don't get all the technological jargon that's being pushed on us from many different directions, sez old Beeb (found via Slashdot).
    Not surprising at all. It's even difficult for me to catch up, even as I'm inmersed in acronyms and have produced a few of them myself. But so what? I'm not familiar with the vocabulary of haberdashery, or fur tanning, or even wall painting.
    Maybe everybody has to use technology, but not everybody has to tan a fur, and that's the problem. But how can you make it simple? WiFi is WiFi, and different from Bluetooth; quite obviously, RSS is different from Echo, and AMD different from Intel; how can you create a term that can be understood by everybody? Maybe we'll have to do as the Vatican does when they create new latin vocabulary: Res inexplicata volans is an UFO, for instance. Would that make everything clearer?
    Or maybe add the "thingy" suffix to everything: WiFi would become the "wireless thingy"; BlueTooth "another wireless thingy"; "MP3" "internet music thingy".

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