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    RSS, Echo, RDF, XML...

    You might have not noticed, but there's a fight raging on in the blogosphere. It all started when Sam Ruby created a wiki to describe a successor to the current news syndication format, RSS; he called that new format Echo (provisionally), and started to write stuff about the canonical blog shape and so on and so forth. Winer has answered to that, since he singlehandedly seems to control RSS standards, and then the whole community has started to blog for or against this new format. Most non-manila guys are for this new, still unborn, format.
    What's the big deal? Well, nobody seems to like Winer. He controls RSS. So let's do a new thing.
    I don't particularly like RSS, but I use it quite a lot, and it does the job; but my proposal is, if you want to leave RSS, go for its big brother, RDF, that is basically a resource description format, which, besides, will be integrated with the semantic web. That means that if blogs use full-fledged RDF, they'll be easily and automatically interpretable by semantic web tools; while, if they use Echo, it will be yet another format that we will have to spew out of our blogs.

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