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    Inicio > Historias > The importance of the community

    The importance of the community

    What is the key to a blog success? It could be its fitness, the quality of its posting, of the news it comments... could be the wittiness of its criticism, its design... its smell. Who knows.
    I would say the most important thing is the community it belongs to.
    Problem is, blog hosting sites do not give you a community. Or do they?
    Most of them don't, but this one you're reading gives you a "main page" with the latest postings from all blogs, which means that, as soon as I post this story, its title will be featured there (as well as in, the community of spanish weblogs, that's pinged every time we post), which will bring here some readership ("Hey! Here's JJ at it again!").
    However, you must give them something (or I must give you something) to make you come back. But I'm not sure what.
    Any idea?

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