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    Whatcha callin' me?

    Looks like the world at large is calling the U.S of A Stupid white men. It is impossible not to find this book in airports, and it is in the top 200 best-sellers in Amazon.
    But it is also interesting to see who's buying it. By looking at the Amazon purchase circles, which reflect the zeitgeist (english translation by google) as well as the next thing, we see that, right next to Harry Potter and the order of Phoenix, we can find Stupid white men as one of the Amazon best sellers in France, Switzerland and Spain
    Why would anyone buy that book? Well, it's probably funny, and gives you lots of arguments in a discussion about american politics, I guess.
    In any case, if all the world is buying that book, maybe the americans should get the message. It's no more the land of the free, but the land of the Stupid White Men.
    This book has also been mentioned recently by Hiperespacio (in spanish). Found via All Consuming

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