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    Inicio > Historias > So you still want a summer internship somewhere, right?

    So you still want a summer internship somewhere, right?

    (Kinda) Frustrated by the onslaugh ot emails that start by the beginning of the year requesting a summer internship with me, my group, whatever, I wrote this short how-to a few years ago. The skinny is that, unlike some Indian universities seem to have, Spanish universities (at least as far as I know) do not offer official internships. Paid or otherwise. You can of course be a invited researcher for some time and the university will provide access to IT facilities. That's it.
    So I'm rather surprised the letters keep coming. Or rather not. Probably they grab hold of some mass-emailing program, scrape their way to email authors and then just send thousands of emails to the unsuspecting population. Somebody might have a few thousand euros lying around and dole them out to pay the roundtrip and then a bit more for their troubles, but if I had that money to pay a collaborator I'd probably go local and invest that same money in paying a month more of work.
    At the end, it all boils down to me not seeing the logic in writing to somebody in other continent, other than the fact that it's free and, well, you might get lucky and score something in a rich country like, I don't know, Switzerland. Come to think of it, in these countries it might be much cheaper to get a foreign student to come and work for peanuts, even considering roundtrip, than pay a local student to do the same. But, believe me, that's not the case in Spain.

    2013-03-30 20:14 | 9 Comment(s) | Filed in Spain

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    De: light Fecha: 2013-04-23 19:20 you have posted an online call for applications for internships and then gotten frustrated because Indian students bombarded you with emails? Your announcement clearly did not say you were interested in only local candidates. So, you have something against Indian students?

    De: JJ Fecha: 2013-04-24 07:58

    Actually I didn't post any online call for applications or announcement. Applications just keep coming out of the blue. Indian students are just great, only there are so many sending emails applying for internships where internships are not posted or have any chance of being funded.

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