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    Inicio > Historias > Problem solved: disabled wireless Internet

    Problem solved: disabled wireless Internet

    After upgrading to Ubuntu 12.04, the wireless in my VAIO hasn't been working as it used to. nm-applet stops showing the list of APs, for instance. He was doing exactly that today when I tried the old and tested disable/enable wireless again to make it come back to life (and make the laptop connect to another AP).
    Disable wireless worked, but then the enable option was, well, disabled and said that the wireless had been physically disabled. The VAIO has a wireless switch, and it was switched on, so I tried to switch it off and on again. It should have worked, right? Well, it didn't.
    I thought that maybe the wifi had busted for some reason, but I booted in *cough* another OS *cough* and it worked like a charm (the wireless, not the OS). So I went back to looking for the solution over the internet. And finally I found it in Ask Ubuntu. Looks like you can physically disable the network inadvertently from nmapplet, and you can enable it back with a shell command I didn't know existed, as shown in cfstras. Since I'm a newbie at AskUbuntu, I can't mod the guy up, but if you are not, please do, it really worked.
    In a few words, you have to show using rfkill list all which RF devices are physically disabled and, then, if the list show they are hard blocked, enable then back using its number with rfkill unblock [number].
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    2012-05-16 18:35 | 2 Comment(s) | Filed in Homework

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    De: Jose Antonio Vacas Fecha: 2012-05-16 22:19

    It's sound like the physical switch is not a real switch, but a sensor, and you can enable the wifi card from software.

    What about trying to enable the wifi with the external switch off?

    Disclimainer: no responsability to the idea author

    De: JJ Fecha: 2012-05-17 07:27

    I will have to try...

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