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    Inicio > Historias > Mastermind is back in the game

    Mastermind is back in the game

    Tomorrow I'm leaving for Istanbul to present my paper on MasterMind in EvoGames, a workshop within the EvoStar conference. The paper will be available shortly (and obviously under request), but here's the presentation

    Since the conversion is less than perfect, it's probably better if you download it; credits for the CC images are included in the notes. The basic idea about this paper is that we (Tom Runarsson and myself) try to get the best of exhaustive search, without keeping tabs on the whole search space; in this paper we manage to design an evolutionary algorithm that finds solutions almost as good as that, but with better scaling potential (and a rule of thumb to perform it). Besides, it is a plain vanilla evolutionary algorithm and an Estimation of Distribution Algorithm which manage the feat; this can be (and will be) very much improved in time (for the IEEE Computer Intelligence in Games, I expect).
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