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    Inicio > Historias > Paper on Algorithm::Evolutionary published in Soft Computing

    Paper on Algorithm::Evolutionary published in Soft Computing

    In my latest step to achieve an H-number in the triple digits, and after almost a year of writing and revision, our paper on the Algorithm::Evolutionary Perl module and its applications has finally been published (online first) in the Soft Computing. Those that follow this blog will remember these posts I usually write about it, but here's the abstract anyways:
    This paper describes Algorithm::Evolutionary (A::E), a Perl module released under an open source license and designed for the exploration and exploitation of evolutionary algorithms. We describe the design decisions taken to enhance flexibility, how performance was improved by using several implementation tweaks, and what kind of design patterns were applied for its development. This work also tries to dispel the myth of low performance of scripting languages by comparing it with a state-of-the-art library (ECJ) written in Java. Besides, we are interested in assessing its efficiency in several possible evolutionary settings, finding out what kind of behavior we can expect, and what can be done to improve it. Applications already written using A::E are also described, along with how it can be used to create new operators. Finally, some conclusions are drawn from the design experience.

    The baseline is that Perl is a language as good as any to do Evolutionary Computation, and probably better than many others. And it's fast enough to be able to solver Mastermind in a little while.

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