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    Inicio > Historias > A few things Zapatero does not seem to understand

    A few things Zapatero does not seem to understand

    With respect to the incident referred to as the goth daughters photo-op, the debate around it seems to miss a few points, mainly related to the understanding our president has of world affairs.
    First one is protocol. Of all the the 135 pictures taken in the same session, there's a single one with somebody else than the mandatary with spouse (curiously enough, with Kosovo's president, wife and translator). You simply don't do those photo-ops with daughters; just the position will cause a problem. Up to this year, Zapatero didn't travel too much, and it's obviously its first photo with a president of the USA, which might explain it.
    Second one, sadly enough, is English. Our president does not speak English, and if his daughters are a typical product of the Spanish educational system, they won't speak more than a few words. If he wasn't accompanied by a translator in this event, probably somebody explained to him the whole stuff (up to and including the fact that the pictures were going to be published, not filed and/or emailed to him), but he just said OK, not understanding a word. If he had been fluent, he would have realised before standing for the picture what was going to be done to them, and would have told his daughters to stay apart just for this time.
    Third one, even more sadly, is the Internet (or maybe the world at large). Showing something for a little while in a website is bound to have been seen several, or even thousands of times. If the Kosovo first family picture shown above is any guidance, it's gathered several thousands views. And once it's on the Internet, it's impossible to stop its spreading from one website to the next, and from that one to a photoshop-toting person with some time in his hands. So even if you ask the State Department to delete it from Flickr, and the state press agency to not release another picture, it's bound to show up again and again. Anybody with a bit of understanding of how the Internet works would probably have embraced the oportunity to out his whole family, instead of clumsily trying to stop a picture from being shown.
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    2009-09-29 08:30 | 5 Comment(s) | Filed in Politics

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    De: ainnika Fecha: 2009-09-29 11:28

    What I find really sad/scary is that nobody in Zapatero's entourage (he must have one, mustn't he?) said anything about these points, or if they did, they were not listened to. And I cannot make up my mind which of the two options is sadder/scarier.

    De: JJ Fecha: 2009-09-29 11:40

    I'm pretty sure there was nobody around. He would have been in the picture, too.

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