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    Inicio > Historias > A bit of House 6x01 trivia you might not find anywhere else (at least it's not in the Wikipedia)

    A bit of House 6x01 trivia you might not find anywhere else (at least it's not in the Wikipedia)

    • House plays on the piano the 4 starting notes for Beethoven's 5th. This plays with the freedom theme the whole episode is about. During the second world war, the V sign meant more than victory: being the initial for vrijheid or freedom in Dutch, it was also used as a secret sign by the Dutch resistance; adding more load to the symbol, dot-dot-dot-dash (which is a very succint representation of the same notes) represent the V letter in Morse code, so those notes ended up being a synonim for the freedom House is yearning for. Ironically, an orderly closes the piano after House plays them
    • Does the face of one of the mates in the psychiatric ward look familiar? I mean the one who is paranoid, didn't get his name. Well, its Curtis Amstrong, Booger in "The Revenge of the Nerds", excellent (as in "so bad it's excellent") movie from the 80s
    • There should be a third, I know, so I'll put it even if this is most probably somewhere else: House is put on SSRIs, which for the layperson is basically Prozac. What we're watching, thus, is basically House on Prozac instead of House on Vicodin. What's next? House on Fire?

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