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    Inicio > Historias > Algorithm::Evolutionary 0.62_2 released

    Algorithm::Evolutionary 0.62_2 released

    After a flurry of new releases of the Algorithm::Evolutionary Perl evolutionary algorithm general-purpose library, version 0.62_1 is available now from your closest CPAN server, and 0.62_2 will be available in the near future.
    Code-wise there are not many changes, but I realized there was a nasty documentation error which prevented new versions of the files being indexed by Pause. I have also fixed documentation here and there, and added POD coverage tests to the test suite. From the last version, 0.60, there are several changes: new genetic operators, such as a Gene Boundary Crossover operator that does crossover without doing mutation, very useful in combinatorial optimization problems.
    Besides, I do have now a machine with 5.10 running, so I can run tests with this version too. Still, I have a few bug reports like these that I assign to a faulty implementation of XML::Parser, so I have isolated the code that produces it so that at least it can be fixed in a single location.
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    2009-02-06 10:28 | 7 Comment(s) | Filed in Research

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