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    Books unbound

    Books gone wild, curiously entitled "books unbound" in the European edition I am holding, talks about how easy it is to publish nowadays, and how it can even lead you to the majors, as in the case of Lisa Genova.
    Been there myself; I self-published with a copyleft license La Cuarta Taifa (The Fourth Period of Troubles) 6 years ago, and recently corrected it to version 1.1 and gave it its own house, a domain and website. Part of its (qualified) success is due to its inclusion (which would have been impossible if it hadn't had a free licence) in the Papyre ebook reader, a version of the Hanlin V3. The fact that it's not recorded in stone (or, for that matter, paper) has made very easy to release this new version, and any other version after that one; 1.2 is in the works already.

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