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    Heinlein & Lost

    While Lost up to season 4 looked PKDickian, with VALIS being read by Ben and Ubik and other stories by him, like "I have a mouth and I can't scream" being mentioned as a possible explanation to the losties predicament, season 5 is turning positively Heinlenian. The whole situation seems to resemble Job: A Comedy of Justice, and the whole Leadership themes so prominently featured looking a bit like what was found in the little known Farnham's Freehold. In fact, Stranger in a Strage Land one of his most famous novels, is the title of an episode in Season 3.
    Whis is kind of fun, because Heinlein and PKDick are about as different authors as they could be; PKDick wrote about reality, its perception, and how it could all be a lie; Heinlein writes about the future, time travels, and the paradoxes of time travel (of which the ultimate one is shown in All You Zombies---). This is quite a shift in focus for us losties: at the beginning we thought it was all in the mind (helped by the fact that many characters had the name of philosophers), and now we start to think that it's all physics (and it helps that many characters share names with physicists: Minkowsky, Faraday, Hawking...)
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