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    Fi ... wait for it ... ve

    Papers accepted at WCCI 2008. Plus one tutorial. Hong Kong, here we go!

    2008-02-02 11:22 | 3 Comment(s) | Filed in Just_A_Scientist

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    De: Marcelo Fecha: 2008-02-07 09:00

    Hi, JJ!

    The link is broken! :)

    Funny, I tried the same link through a Google search and it worked fine!

    WCCI, at least at a first glance, has a large presentation upon evolutionary computation and related subjects.

    Nice! I noticed persons from different conferences gathering on WCCI 2008. I guess it's time to definitely erase the so called bairrismo in the EC field! :)

    JJ, I hope you blog from there and keep us well informed about the events and presentations you have planned to attend. Sure, it would be nice to see some videos again, as you did at GECCO last year.

    If possible, post here the abstract of your papers. What does you tutorial deal with? :)

    Congratulations for the papers!



    De: JJ Fecha: 2008-02-07 09:13

    Well, WCCI gathers three different congresses on neural networks, evolutionary computation and fuzzy logic; so it's quite open, I guess. Even within the CEC, which is the evolutionary computation event, any paper that deals with nature-inspired computing (cellular automata, particle swarm optimization, ant colony...) is game.
    WRT the tutorial, it's the same one (upgraded and updated) we gave at the GECCO conference last year. Minus the camo t-shirts. Or maybe with the camo t-shirts. I will give it also with Carlos Cotta.
    I'll post the abstracts as soon as they are available online. Thanks for the encouragement!

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