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    Inicio > Historias > Google and its university research program

    Google and its university research program

    I submitted a proposal to the Google university research program so that I could use a bit more freely (or a bit more guilt-free) their Google Scholar pages. Their answer took around a month, and here it is:
    Thank you for your interest in this program. Upon reviewing your
    application, we thought you might want to know about DBLP, which can be
    downloaded from:

    The University Research Program for Google Search does not include the
    Google Scholar index, so probably doesn't provide access to the type of
    data you are interested in.

    That's not true, it does. Google Scholar does not have an API, but it does throttle requests if there are too many. That can be dodged, in a way, but what I'm looking for is not having to dodge them for doing the kind of stuff I usually do. Needless to say, I know about DBLP, which we have used so far, but does not provide information about references, which is what we need right now.
    So, well, tough luck.

    2008-01-18 09:19 | 18 Comment(s) | Filed in Research

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    Google Scholar does not have an API, but it does throttle requests if there are too many

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