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    Inicio > Historias > keeps coming back keeps coming back

    I posted a story (with picture) on a few visits I kept having from someplace called; which is weird, since I don't have that many visits. From them, many people have reported the same sightings: Pauls Domain, for instance, and, even more to the point, Antwerp calling who's even had somebody commenting from the same node, by some person who calls himself the shadow. Somebody has even seen the same host doing edits on the Wikipedia.
    My hunch is that, far from being some kind of spider run by the Echelon network to monitor blogs, it's simply a proxy server through which some traffic by many civilian servants in the State Dept go. And there are many of those, probably with time in their hands, so from time to time they drop by some unknown blogs and make some comments.

    2007-12-18 17:39 | 10 Comment(s) | Filed in

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    De: Algernon Fecha: 2007-12-19 00:24

    Procrastinating civil servants. Dammit. That's what the real 007s are!

    De: Marcelo Fecha: 2007-12-22 03:16

    Hi, JJ!

    The weirdest server/machine visiting my blog that I have noticed is this one:

    I did not know that "arpa" was a domain name. At least since Usenet, it has nothing to do with domain names.

    However, Wikipedia has a clue upon it:

    ".arpa is an Internet top-level domain (TLD) used exclusively for Internet-infrastructure purposes."



    De: JJ Fecha: 2009-02-18 07:51 is used for IPs that don't have a reverse mapping, I think.

    De: Nigel Rolland Fecha: 2009-11-13 20:16

    For your information the .arpa domains which was one of the original academic domain extensions in the early days of the internet is now used exclusively by US military/ intelligence institutions. I visited your blog because I have also received visits from



    Para su información los dominios. Arpa, que fue uno de los originales extensiones de dominio académico en los primeros días de la Internet es utilizada exclusivamente por militares de U.S. e instituciones de inteligencia. He visitado tu blog, porque también he recibido la visita de



    De: Skini Fecha: 2010-10-14 22:59

    shows you how many entries this benevolent CIA "editor" has made. This is kind of fun; we live in a parallel world where everything is possible.

    De: JJ Fecha: 2010-11-04 07:53

    But that IP is probably a proxy for many different posts, right?

    De: james Fecha: 2018-02-25 12:15

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    De: nammasea9 Fecha: 2019-01-21 10:58

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