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    Inicio > Historias > Paper on the Evolutionary Computation coauthorship network uploaded to ArXiV

    Paper on the Evolutionary Computation coauthorship network uploaded to ArXiV

    I just uploaded the paper that originated this poster:
    Clientela para el póster
    presented in GECCO 2007, to ArXiV. It's essentially a brush-up of what was submitted to the conference, but we'll keep ellaborating it to try and submit it to some journal.
    The paper title is Who is the best connected EC researcher? Centrality analysis of the complex network of authors in evolutionary computation. Here's the abstract:
    Co-authorship graphs (that is, the graph of authors linked by co-authorship of papers) are complex networks, which expresses the dynamics of a complex system. Only recently its study has started to draw interest from the EC community, the first paper dealing with it having been published two years ago. In this paper we will study the co-authorship network of EC at a microscopic level. Our objective is ascertaining which are the most relevant nodes (i.e. authors) in it. For this purpose, we examine several metrics defined in the complex-network literature, and analyze them both in isolation and combined within a Pareto-dominance approach. The result of our analysis indicates that there are some well-known researchers that appear systematically in top rankings. This also provides some hints on the social behavior of our community.

    It's essentially an analysis of the EC coauthorship community that updates our 2006 paper, but, in this occassion, we have looked at several centrality measures: closeness, betweenness, Bonacich's power index, and first eigenventor coefficients, discovering the Pareto front, or set of those scientist whose values for those 4 quantities is better or equal than any other.
    You'll have to read the paper to discover who's in the first non-dominated fronts (and any comment will be welcome), but I can tell you that the first fron is composed of two very well known scientists in the EC community: David E. Goldberg and Kalyan Deb.

    2007-08-15 12:43 | 21 Comment(s) | Filed in Just_A_Scientist

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    De: Julian Togelius Fecha: 2007-08-15 13:35

    It seems you haven't made the paper publicly available yet, or you linked to the wrong version of it. arXiv gives the following error message:

    "Password needed for 0708.2021

    The function you've requested for 0708.2021 requires that you be registered as an owner of 0708.2021. You (togelius) are not currently an owner of 0708.2021. You can become an owner by entering the paper password for 0708.2021."

    De: JJ Fecha: 2007-08-15 14:23

    I didn't know that, thanks for telling me. It will be available shortly, anyways. If you want it now, I can email it to you.

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