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    Inicio > Historias > Does globalization imply unequal distribution

    Does globalization imply unequal distribution

    This is what I gather from (the abstract of) this paper, Wealth Dynamics on Complex Networks, which I'm keeping for further reference. Abstract says:
    The extreme cases of a fully connected and a fully disconnected network yield power-law and log-normal forms of the wealth distribution respectively

    That power-law implied by a fully connected network (what's a fully disconnected network, BTW?), implies a few very wealthy a most nodes not-so. However, that does not mean that globalization is bad per se, because the actual values migh be higher at a global scale, and a local market might be a fully connnected network anyways, with less wealth to distribute. Interesting to read, anyways.

    2007-01-10 20:44 | 1 Comment(s) | Filed in

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