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    Inicio > Historias > PPSN'06, Reykjavik

    PPSN'06, Reykjavik

    I'm just back from Reykjavik, where I have been participating in the PPSN 2006 conference. PPSN is my favourite conference on all matters genetic and naturally-inspired. Good selection (only 42% of the papers were accepted this time), small enough to be able to check most of the papers, and it's only poster-based, so you focus on the papers that matter you most.
    sala PPSN
    But posters have to be presented, and that's usually done by chairpeople. I introduced session 4, and I tried to relate all paper through a citation and co-citation graph, without cheating (that is, without including famous evolutionary books, which are widely cited, and, at the same time, include thousands of references). Just by using papers.
    I eventually came up with a list of a list of an additional 50 papers or so; they are mentioned in a ragtag way, and the list includes which papers cite them (by code). The codes over 1000 are the additional papers, and the codes below 1000 are the papers in the session; you can relate codes to papers by hovering the mouse over the session schedule above. I used Netdraw to draw the graph, and Ucinet to massage the data, which you can download in (zipped) Ucinet format and VNA format (includes attributes).
    Surprisingly enough, all papers were related (but this includes citations and co-citation), which gave me a narrative to present the session. The presentation for session 4 is available the original format, power point and PDF.
    I met some fellow bloggers in the conference, including Julian Togelius and the guys from IlliGaL.
    All in all, as I said, a good experience.

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    De: Algernon Fecha: 2006-09-16 11:45

    "Surprisingly"? Why? What do you expect from something held in Iceland if not endogamy (and a lot of fish)? :P

    De: JJ Fecha: 2006-09-16 12:34

    Yep, it was something in the air, probably.

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