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    Inicio > Historias > The FBI should learn from Google

    The FBI should learn from Google

    Take Google. It's a huge grid, mainly devoted to storing information and retrieving it efficiently. It wasn't build from scratch as it is. A platform was built, and then lots of products were built on it; new functionalities can be added using Sawzall, an internal computer language geared for data mining.
    Take now the FBI. They order a new computer system, spend hundreds of millions of bucks on it, and it does not work. FBI workers apparently have to hack the system just to get simple things like plugging printers done. The problem seems to be that it was the contractor himself who did the requirements, without paying much attention to the actual needs of the FBI. But the real problem is that, when complex software systems are needed, it's better to build a platform and allow an easy way for users to solve their own needs.

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