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    What is ref #3 about?

    Do you really read the papers you cite?:
    We report a method of estimating what percentage of people who cited a paper had actually read it. The method is based on a stochastic modeling of the citation process that explains empirical studies of misprint distributions in citations (which we show follows a Zipf law). Our estimate is only about 20% of citers read the original.

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    De: fernand0 Fecha: 2005-12-23 09:55

    I've been cited by authors who clearly had not read the paper (or, they read it, and they forgot it :) ).

    De: JJ Fecha: 2005-12-23 10:27

    I have been _reviewed_ by authors who clearly had not read the paper...

    De: fernand0 Fecha: 2005-12-23 10:28

    me too :)

    De: Heimy Fecha: 2005-12-23 11:32

    Nice. That would explain why some papers make it into certain publications x)

    We're all doomed!

    De: Algernon Fecha: 2005-12-23 11:41

    More on NewScientist :-)

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