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    You need Storm

    In the board of this Weather Modification Operations and Research Board. That, or simply keep on not paying attention to Kyoto. It's scary it's being mentioned in connection with Katrina.

    2005-09-06 17:06 | 2 Comment(s) | Filed in

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    De: BloJJ Fecha: 2005-09-07 17:21

    Weather changing for the masses: «And I just got the latest issue of Time magazine, cover date Sept 5, with a special section on innovators, which includes an article on Ross Hoffman called tweaking mother nature. Quote: . By introducing small changes to wind speeds and temperature »


    De: Epaminondas Pantulis Fecha: 2005-09-06 17:43

    Scalar weapons being used against the States... who's to blame this time? Remnants of the KGB? The Yakuza? Al-Qaeda? It was said that the recent tsunamis in the South Pacific were artificially made... no wonder this time conspiranoics are also figuring things.

    What are scalar weapons? Once upon a time I stumbled across Tom Bearden's website. His claim to fame is a complete revision of the laws of quantum electrodynamics, and in one of his books he describes what that scalar weapons buzzword means. He seems to have sparked a lot of speculation that ends up referring to his website.

    By the way, in his spare time this guy writes about perpetual-motion machines, cancer therapies and nuclear waste disposal. He has written a lot of stuff about this and some other amazing things. And he tries to make money from that nonsense.

    Got to love this quote: "All the coal, oil, natural gas, etc. ever burned, and all the nuclear fuel rods ever used, and all the hydroelectric dams ever built, have directly added not one single watt to the power line. Not one!"

    De: JJ Fecha: 2005-09-06 17:47

    Yep, scalar weapons definitely seem flaky, but the commitee is not.

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