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    Inicio > Historias > World's top ten dictators

    World's top ten dictators

    This is old, but I just got it from the BlogAfrica feed: the list of top ten worst dictators. Five come from Asia, four from Africa, and our very own Fidel Castro is the only one in America.
    I don't know if it makes a lot of sense to make these lists; I guess if you are not ruled by one of them, let's say, Khadaffi you can say somethink like "Phew, how lucky I'm this year". On the other hand, it might sound as a to-do list for country liberation.

    2004-09-04 01:00 | 12 Comment(s) | Filed in

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    De: JR Fecha: 2004-09-04 10:03

    BTW, Gadaffi is not in the list.

    This is why I hate all kinds of "top n stuff" lists. Why does the Chinese PM have to be necessarily worse than Gadaffi or even Obiang?

    De: JJ Fecha: 2004-09-04 10:20

    Yep, that's why I mention it.
    The Chinese? It dictates over more people, I guess...

    De: Anónimo Fecha: 2004-11-17 01:04

    dictators are gay..........................
    LiKe Yo MoMmA!!!hahaahahahah LOSER

    De: Anónimo Fecha: 2004-11-17 01:04

    just kidding i didnt mean that

    De: Anónimo Fecha: 2004-11-17 01:05

    im working on school homework... on dictators of the world....THiS sITE doesn't help me very much.....

    De: Anónimo Fecha: 2004-11-17 01:08


    De: Anónimo Fecha: 2004-11-17 01:09

    its me again i still kant find wut i am looking for...-_-rarrrr

    De: JJ Fecha: 2005-11-01 13:42

    Tough luck, man...

    De: Anónimo Fecha: 2005-11-20 17:20


    De: MMMK Fecha: 2007-02-17 20:46

    I'm from Burma, I bet my country is on the list

    De: JJ Fecha: 2007-05-17 19:35

    Sure it is!

    De: Anónimo Fecha: 2009-06-03 20:20

    bitch fuck you and your gay ass website, it dont help me with shit.!

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