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    Inicio > Historias > Forgotten realms: Transdniestr

    Forgotten realms: Transdniestr

    While half Europe is dancing to a Moldovan trio called O-Zone (and the other half fuming over it), Moldova itself is also split... literally. A russian speaking-region, called Trans-Dniestr, has broken away from Moldova, and is now threatening to close latin-alphabet schools, leaving open only cyrilic-alphabet teaching ones. Russia is worried. And I think we should all be.

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    De: Tiffany Fecha: 2006-01-28 19:16

    You wrote a very small comment for someone who is concerned by this problem. First I think it would be more important for people to actually mknow that Moldova is a country. Here are some links but the most interesting website of all is the official website of the Transdniestrian government which is in Russian and English for all the world to learn about Transdniestria viewed by the people who run the "country".

    De: JJ Fecha: 2006-01-28 19:30

    Thanks for the information.

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