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  • Abhishek Dey Roy en So you still want a summer internship somewhere, right?
  • Abhishek Dey Roy en So you still want a summer internship somewhere, right?
  • Abhishek Dey Roy en So you still want a summer internship somewhere, right?
  • Abhishek Dey Roy en So you still want a summer internship somewhere, right?
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    Inicio > Historias > Learn the geography of corruption from nigeriam spam

    Learn the geography of corruption from nigeriam spam

    The nigerian spam, as anybody can gather, was born in Nigeria, a particularly computer-literate part of Africa. But looks like messages from the son of the former Nigerian dictator didn't hook people as they used to, and it moved to neighboring, preferably troubled, countries, like Sierra Leone, Liberia, and the republic of Congo. I was quite happy when I received greetings from a twice-removed cousin of Laurent Kabila, the fortunately removed dictator from the republic of Congo.
    Then I received some spam from some Yevgeni from Russia. It had moved to another continent! To two continents, indeed, since Russia spans Europe and Asia. No wonder I just received spam with asian origin: the son of the former South Korean president, Chun-Doo Hwan, no less!
    I am eagerly awaiting spam from Oceania any time now. Where will it be from? Nauru? Christmas islands?

    2004-03-31 01:00 | 7 Comment(s) | Filed in

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