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    Inicio > Historias > Web based communities, 2004

    Web based communities, 2004

    I haven't been writing anything for a week or so for several reasons, one of them being away in the Web-Based communities congress. My mate Fernando Tricas and myself presented a couple of papers about weblogs. One of them, the one Fernando is presenting here
    Fernando at WBC2004
    was about the long way that the Spanish blogosphere has to follow to become a power law. It's not available online, but we will post it in the future.
    Lots of interesting papers there: Lilia Efimova presented a paper on Learning webs: learning in weblog networks. We also met some fellow bloggers: Monica André, B2OB, Barriers and Opportunities to Organizational Blogging, and A Formiga de Langton, portuguese self-organized blogger (who I expect to meet soon in the future).
    There was also some time for fun: we visited the village of Obidos
    Tiles at obidos
    and had some Sagres beer at a pub in the Bairro Alto, that showed Portugal and Lisboa flags with a background of forgotten movie stars.
    All in all, an interesting experience, to look at communities not only from the point of view of weblogs, but also from a sociological and pedagogic point of view. We'll probably be there next year.

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