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    Inicio > Historias > We live in a black and white world

    We live in a black and white world

    Op-Eds Krugman and Brooks are adding more wood to the fires stoked against Spanish voters.
    Here goes their reasoning: Al Qaeda planted bombs in Spain several days before the elections to swing the voter decision; the Spanish voters, terrified, changed the government, and that will tell the terrorists that they were right in doing what they did.
    Well, how does this sounds? Al Qaeda crashed into the twin towers because they knew that the USA was going to invade one, and possibly two, countries. By making them do so, they a) would get a recruitment boost and b) would bring americans closer to home so that they could kill them much more easily, without going to all those boring flying classes. The US of A invaded them, and, thus, managed to do exactly what the terrorists wanted them to do.
    We know that Spain is not going to be any safer that it was before. We also know that the upcoming government is going to fight against terrorism, but it will probaly not do it by separaring 1200 grunts from their families and putting them in a mess they have neither wanted nor created.
    I said yesterday I have no idea of what's in a voter's mind. I have even less on what's on a terrorist mind. But I guess that keeping a country safe without needing to restrict civil liberties, as some other countries are doing, is exactly the kind of thing they don't like.
    BTW, you might want to check Tierra y Libertad, who's done a good synthesis of the different reactions in the international media. Even as a part is in Spanish, I think it's the most extensive collection of links out there.

    2004-03-17 01:00 | 5 Comment(s) | Filed in

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    De: JR Fecha: 2004-03-17 18:08

    Thank you, JJ.

    De: rvr Fecha: 2004-03-17 19:46

    JJ: One thing that we must remark is that Spain was not safer with Bush's Global War on Terrorism: It is a total failure.

    De: Mon Fecha: 2004-03-17 20:16

    You can tell it louder, but not clearer.

    De: JR Fecha: 2004-03-17 22:21

    By the way, JJ, you may be interested in linking the NYT headlines without need of being subscribed. If you didn't know about the link generator, of course.


    De: pj Fecha: 2004-03-18 17:35

    rvr: Quoting a famous google-bombing -> "It is a miserable failure" :-)

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