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    Inicio > Historias > Spanish elections roundup

    Spanish elections roundup

    I've been for some time hanging out here, in the internet, and I have never ever seen so much interest about some elections in Spain.
    Everybody and his mother is talking about this. Funny thing is, they are calling us names for electing our leaders. And they are predicting fire and mayhem over the world because Spain will be retiring his 1200 troops from Iraq. Or because the Spanish premier won't be doing photo-ops with Blair and Bush.
    In any case, here are links from the BBC, Fox, My Way, CNN, and Mark Steyn, who is probably misinterpreting the results of the elections.

    2004-03-15 01:00 | 10 Comment(s) | Filed in Spain

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    De: pj Fecha: 2004-03-15 23:10

    Good list of fascist blogs :)

    And they are not predicting that, the sad thing is that they are wishing that what they say turn real :(

    BTW, there were 2 million of new voters and it seems that them caused this result. We still have a worker-mind and not a bussinesman-mind so we tend to the left... IMHO only the fatigue of the old PSOE gave the government to the Popular Party.

    And look at this:
    PSOE - 164
    PP - 148

    In Catalunya was something like:
    PSOE - 21
    PP - 5

    (I don't remember exactly, but it works for I want to explain)

    Were the elections lost in Catalunya? Was because of the "seek & destroy Carod" strategy? Were the "chapitas de los coches", PHN and pro-una-grande-y-libre verbal agressions the key of the elections?

    Well. We will never know (but IMHO -> Maybe, Yes, Yes)

    Is any of those bastard fascists that claim for the defeat of Spain in front of terrorism aware of these very important political affairs? I'm sure that NO. Oh, except maybe John "the fascist" but he thinks that this is not important for his well informed readers :o)

    God Bless my ass, and all his allies (_!_)

    De: pj Fecha: 2004-03-15 23:12

    P.S.: I'm going to relaunch "Life is hard", don't take me off of your "blogs out there" now!! ;-P

    De: JR Fecha: 2004-03-16 02:26

    I just want to read a deep analysis of how the results in Murcia were the way they were.

    Is the claim for bringing water at any cost so strong?


    De: rvr Fecha: 2004-03-16 05:56


    De: JJ Fecha: 2004-03-16 07:43

    pj: I don't think it's necessary to call anything anybody here. Answer opinions and arguments with your own, but don't use insults. And yes, if you start blogging again, I'll put you on my spanglish blogger list.

    De: fernand0 Fecha: 2004-03-16 10:14

    I'm with JJ. If we call anything to all this people, we are simplifying (like some of them ?).

    It is impressive, anyway, that an electoral result in a democractic country raises so many comments out there. I hope our 15 minutes of fame go out soon.

    Maybe it would be nice to see more European media impressions.

    De: pj Fecha: 2004-03-16 10:28

    I'm not using fascist as an insult. I'm using it as a description (ok... In a despective way) :-) but, if you don't want to have some words (or uses of that words) here I think I can manage myself to say the same in another, more "correct", way. This is your blog and I use to follow the rules wherever I go. And, in consequence, I present to you my excuses.

    And, well, I've never seen so much foreign pressure to (change, not choose, whatever) a democratically elected governemnt in an European, civilisated, democratical country like now :(

    What would happen if we did some post-11M electoral surveys and the PSOE showed to be the winner? Would the USA promote a pro-PP two-day campaign? I think we're lucky that this came as a surprise... Because I don't want to think that we have no democracy (and that some other countries decide, by the finger-pointing democratical method, who rules MY country).

    These are sad days. They say the terrorists win because we democratically choosed. They say that if the terrorists attack some country before elections, that country are not supposed to change government... Who are the ones that change his vote after a terrorist attack? :- Who are the ones that don't accept democracy? It's for sure that the 14M the big winner was democracy (the same if PP won, only think about that ~70some% participation)... Thank (God?) that nobody expected PSOE to win (except Zapatero himself... and I doubt this, too hehe).

    Best wishes to all.

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