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    Even as blogs have been accused of contaminating Google results, they actually increase Google usefulness when you are trying to find something.
    Google index a page not only by its content, but also by the content of the links that link to it. For instance, Atalaya, my spanish language blog is also found if you google for "spanish language blog", even as it does not contain the words "spanish language". It's down there in the fifth page, but you can find it.
    If lots of people use the same words within the hyperlink tags, that's googlebombing; NYT talked about it a week ago. But if you refer to a site using words not contained in that site, you're googlespreading, you are increasing the possibility that it's found when people use strings not strictly contained in that site.
    Blogs actually, even unwittingly, help with that, when they use a novel way of hyperlinking something. Once we are aware of this, maybe we should put meaningful descriptions in our hyperlink descriptions that, if possible, googlespread what we are linking. Or maybe not, it's up to you.

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