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    Inicio > Historias > I'm relieved

    I'm relieved

    Sighs of relief have escaped from millions of tunnel-carpal-syndrome-from-deleting-spam affected person when hearing that Bill Gates, former MS CEO has forecasted in Davos victory over spam (via Slashdot). His attack is based on filters (over what?), expensive computation (huh?) and a pay-per-send email scheme (ROTFL). If only, I guess, we would leave him run email world-wide, I guess.
    What MS should do is to start suing anybody who is forging a MS-owned address, such as or If I filtered them, I would receive half as much spam, but I can't because lots of people I know use them. By suing anybody who forges them, they would have to forge less-lawyer-happy companies, which could be easily filtered.

    2004-01-25 01:00 | 5 Comment(s) | Filed in

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    De: JR Fecha: 2004-01-25 15:22

    Why can't they launch a massive-suing campaign? If RIAA was able, uncle Bill sure will.

    I wonder what prevents him from doing it.

    De: JJ Fecha: 2004-01-25 16:20

    All their legal money is probably tied up in the SCO anti-linux campaign ;-)

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