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    Mapping Blogalia

    On 20:00 Monday US Eastern time (i.e., Tue 23 Dec 03 01:00:00 GMT), our new draft, Mapping weblog communities, will be available on the ArXiV preprint site.
    The paper applies Kohonen's Self-Organizing map to all weblogs in Blogalia, trying to discover which communities have formed within it.
    Mapa de Kohonen de Blogalia
    Since this is a draft, any comment will be welcome.

    2003-12-22 16:36 | 6 Comment(s) | Filed in

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    De: test Fecha: 2006-04-15 23:49

    test: «test»


    De: Algernon Fecha: 2003-12-22 17:58

    Whoa! I'm in the middle! Does it mean something?

    This hex pattern reminds me those old RPGs...

    De: JJ Fecha: 2003-12-22 18:16

    Yep, high closeness. Read it all in the paper.

    De: Epaminondas Pantulis Fecha: 2003-12-22 18:44

    Hronia is also next to the center. Interesting, because other mappings used to put my blog in one corner.

    What's different with this analysis?

    OK, I'll read the paper.

    De: JJ Fecha: 2003-12-22 18:48

    Which mappings?
    Maybe the data have changed.

    De: Algernon Fecha: 2003-12-22 18:50

    The function you've requested for cs/0312047 requires that you be registered as an owner of cs/0312047. You (Faberitius) are not currently an owner of cs/0312047. You can become an owner by entering the paper password for cs/0312047.

    De: JJ Fecha: 2003-12-22 19:00

    Yep; that's why I have said "will be available"; that is, tonight.

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