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    Inicio > Historias > Sex is the mother of invention

    Sex is the mother of invention

    I remember to have read an article, some time ago, on the technology of the sex industry on the web; how they invented from streaming through pop up (we'll forgive them for that) to affiliate programs.
    Now it looks like it is not going to be so difficult to get into their guild: CNN talks about an adult webmaster school, which is called, not surprisingly, (this link is quite popular, and would have probably made it to the top ten if it weren't for that scruffy guy that got caught last saturday).
    In fact, there is more than one place to learn the trade: at webmaster joint you can learn how to benchmark PHP sites, use rewrite rules (in depth), and how to "make porn interesting". You can also attend Wired for Sex, which will give you the highlights of the technology in the sex industry. Or you can attend Cozy Academy, another adult webmaster school.
    After all, it's not that bad to work there:
    Appreciation? Yes, appreciation. Most adult companies know how to treat their programmers. They know that without us they wouldn't be able to do business. Hence, most of us enjoy a rather nice life with a nice paycheck coming in and nice fringe benefits. (I can ensure you that attending a convention and talking to Jenna Jameson for a while can be a very interesting experience.) Can you say that you've done that in the last year you had your job?

    2003-12-16 04:46 | 2 Comment(s) | Filed in

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    Is that a mission from God?

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