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    Inicio > Historias > The RoyalDot effect

    The RoyalDot effect

    The well known and described Slashdot effect affects those websites that have been linked by Slashdot, the open-source news site. Something similar is happening to those related to the spanish royal wedding. The former husband of Letizia, the princess-to-be, happens to be a widely unknown writer called Alonso Guerrero. And he happened to have published, among other novels, one called El Hombre Abreviado, The abridged man, which happens to tell the history of a writer that's divorcing his wife. And he happened to have sold a grand total of around 900 books.
    Then came the Royaldot effect. The remaining books of the first edition were sold, a second was announced, and he's now signed one of the major publishing houses for whatever he deems interesting to publish.
    But wait, there's more. The royaldot effect is also affecting the dead. Letizia gave his groom the Prince Felipe a book called El Doncel d. Enrique el Doliente, by Mariano José de Larra, a well known writer from the XIX century. Well, it's run out of print, and it's being bought by the ton. You can download it, for your peruse, and free, from here.
    If you happen to read them, enjoy. And if, by reading them, you fathom the depths of the royal or royal-to-be minds, share it.

    2003-11-25 00:53 | 2 Comment(s) | Filed in

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    De: fernand0 Fecha: 2003-11-25 01:58

    I'm suspecting the press titulars: 'royal wedding improving books' sales'

    De: JJ Fecha: 2003-11-25 02:00

    Upcoming royal wedding already improving book sales. :-)

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