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    Inicio > Historias > End of the line for a loser

    End of the line for a loser

    Algernon talks today about Georgia, which gives me a cue to do the same. But he focuses on the country, and I would like to concentrate on a person, Eduard Shevardnadze. He had been foreign minister to Gorbachov, and when the Soviet Union definitely broke apart, he created, or was ordered to create, somethign called the "Movement for Democratic Reform" in Georgia. He has ruled Georgia since then.
    That, for a particularly merciful sense of the word ruling. He's done almost no ruling, in a practical sense. First, Abkhazia broke away, probably with the help of russian mercenaries (mercenaries of the Russian state, that is). Then, South Osetia did the same. Now they are joining forces against Georgia.
    His tenure has been marred by lots of attacks against him. I particularly remember a bomb blast to a motorcade where he was riding, which was accompanied by pictures of him, an old man in a sleevless T-shirt, in an hospital room, a nurse by his side, and lots of other people in the room door. I remember to have felt pity for him. He was a president of a state, had been the foreign minister of a superpower, and he was shown no more respect than a homeless person being checked for drug use.
    Looks like he's no longer useful for whoever he was useful. End of the line for a loser.

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