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    Inicio > Historias > The year of the robot?

    The year of the robot?

    Or maybe just the year of robot nostalgia? This difficult-to-navigate Carnegie-Mellon robot Hall of Fame includes Hal 9000 (it's called a robot because it talked? What was actually HAL 9000? A computer? A operating system? A virus... who cares, movie people never made software apart from hardware, at least before The Matrix, Mars Pathfinder, R2-D2 (what's the problem with C3-P0? Are non-humanoid robots not eligible?), and Unimate, who, or which, for once, is a real robot (seen at Slashdot).
    At the same time, Time, in its Inventions of the year, has a section for gadgets+robots (robots are presumably more-than-pint-size gadgets, or gadgets-that-move-by-themselves), including lap cat, the sworn (and furrier) enemy of Aibo (via blogdex).
    The baseline is put a robot in your life. Now.

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