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    Inicio > Historias > Royal molasses

    Royal molasses

    The english word molasses has an overtone of "thick stuff", something you have to waddle through. The spanish word for it, melaza, usually refers to something incredibly sweet.
    The upcoming prince of Spain marriage is a bit like both. Big media event, all channels covered, like 11S, but, unlike it, soooo sweet. It's as if the twin towers had been coated with sugar and thrown at the unsuspecting public. Gee, I can imagine they love each other, but it does not have to be so much in-your-face.
    It reminds me of when this close friend started to go out steadily with this other girl, and they were all "sweethart", and "no, I love you more" and so on ans so forth. Only it's on TV and the airwaves the whole friggin' time.
    I look forward to Spain Eurocup qualifier against Norway. At least media will start talking about something important.

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