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    Matrix rehashed

    Millions of persons, all over the world, will go today to their closest cineplex to watch "Matrix Revolution", the last installment of the Matrix saga (barring prequels, postquels, transquels and play-it-again-sam-quels).
    Hundreds of thousands will also have watched versions downloaded from the Internet, at no cost. No relation? Think again... most releases today aim for the highest gross in the first day or first weekend. It's the time it takes for everybody who hasn't watched the movie (6 degrees of separation and all that) to be either aware that it's a flop or in posession of a bootleg copy.
    That, of course, does not make movies any better, just more overhyped than ever before. And that seems to happen to Matrix reloaded, according to the BBC (via Slashdot), and I quote:
    The third and final part of the Matrix trilogy concludes in a blaze of obfuscatory special effects, leaving the audience dazed and dulled.

    I guess I will still have to go and watch it (or download it, or rent it, whatever comes first). What the hell, I want to be a knowledgeable critic. Besides, once you know it's disappointing, you could be surprised and even like it.

    2003-11-06 03:05 | 1 Comment(s) | Filed in

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