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    SWM(P) searching...

    P as in prince. Of Spain, that is. All spanish media are drooling over the compromise of Mr. Prince with Ms. Future Queen of Spain. The same persons that were literally yesterday spewing venom over the latest hetero- or homosexual affair of somebody, is today chanting the marvels of the new couple.
    International press is devoting also some airtime to it; every little country needs some PR jolt sometimes, don't you think so? CNN says Felipe's fiancee captivates press; and how could it be any different? First, she's one of them, and second, she wouldn't have been fiancee in the first place otherwise. The official chinese news agence shows prominently the world "divorced" in the headline. Press from far away places such as Ireland and Australia also talk about it. And old Beeb, of course.
    Can't say she's not nice. Let's wait and see what she really reigns over, when she gets the chance.

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